Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert Reveal Plans Behind “American Idol” Tour

What can fans expect of Season Eight’s Top 10 on an arena stage? Adam Lambert promises a “post-apocalyptic-rocked-out-space-disco-funk” look to his ensemble, while Matt Giraud is gearing up for dance lessons courtesy of tour choreographer JaQuel Knight, who was the creative brain behind Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video.

“To not have to worry about where the camera’s gonna be or where you’re standing is so liberating,” says Anoop Desai, who’ll be reprising “My Prerogative” as one of his show numbers. Allen is also adjusting to a new Idol world, and the idea of building his own set list. “People want to see you do songs from the show, but it’s nice to be able to throw in something that you want to do and really mold your time onstage,” he says.

Rolling Stone, Rock & Roll Daily

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