Saturday, July 4, 2009

Adam Lambert Never Felt Stifled by American Idol

Soon after the finale, MTV caught up with Adam Lambert to talk about losing to Kris Allen, music styles, the new album, and taking risks.

Q: With all the risks you took on the show, did anyone ever tell you "no"?

A: No! [Laughs.] The really cool thing about this show is that they've been 100 percent supportive of everything that I've done, every aspect of everything I've done, from the music to what I'm wearing to how I perform. I would go into a vocal session and be like, "Well, I have this idea. Can we try it?" "Yeah, sure, let's try it." [To] Ricky Minor and the band, I'd be like, "What about this? Can we try something like this?" "Yeah, let's try it, man." It's been very positive and creative. And never once for a second did I feel stifled in any way.

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