Monday, July 20, 2009

American Idol tour review: Adam Lambert outshines everyone in L.A.

In a venue that seats about 19,000 people, it seemed that every single person was there for Adam Lambert. The screams that occurred when prerecorded videos of Adam were shown onscreen were louder than most of the screams other singers received while performing. And against the highest of expectations, the boy delivered. His performances were vocally flawless, as increased rehearsal time allowed him to gain better control of his famous flamboyant screeches. His unapologetic naughtiness (drastically more so than anything seen on the show) and over-the-top presentation caused him to stand out not only as the most exceptional singer, but also as an incredibly magnetic entertainer. The energy from the audience during Adam’s set was exponentially greater than at any other moment of the show, and rightfully so.

That is not to say that the Idol champ did not hold his own. Kris Allen may not be a scene-stealer like Lambert, but he proved himself to be an abundantly talented vocalist and musician. The charming but reserved style of Allen sounded a bit odd immediately following Adam’s extravagance, but Kris is certainly capable of putting on a great show, and that will be better displayed when he gets a chance to perform on his own. Kris' widespread, easy-listening appeal means he has every opportunity and ability needed to create an amazing album and achieve long-term success.

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