Friday, August 7, 2009

Adam Lambert: The ultimate interview, Part One

"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert sat down with writer Fred Bronson for a wide-ranging interview. In Part One, Lambert talks about his early musical influences.

LAT: We know from watching “American Idol” that you were raised in San Diego, but where were your parents living when you were born?

AL: I was born Jan. 29, 1982, in Indianapolis, Ind. I believe I was conceived on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico. I should have a little T-shirt that says, “Conceived in Puerto Rico.” They had me about nine months after their wedding.

My parents moved me out of Indianapolis when I was about a year old. My mom and dad said: “This isn’t the right fit for us. We want to go somewhere else.” So a job opportunity opened up for (my dad) in San Diego and we moved.

LAT: Where in San Diego did you grow up?

AL: North County, mostly. When we first moved out there, it was Rancho Bernardo and then we ended up moving when I was 4, maybe 5. Right around the time my brother was born, (we moved) to Rancho Peñasquitos, which is just inland of Del Mar, and that’s where we settled.

LAT: What is your earliest memory of music?

AL: My dad was a college DJ, so he had a really huge record collection and he is very proud of it. There was always music playing in the house, all vinyl. He was a Deadhead, so there was some Grateful Dead, which I never really got into. There was a lot of classic rock. Bob Dylan. Bob Marley was playing a lot. My dad has really good taste in music.

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