Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Cougars Crave American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert

Let's talk images. A snake. A butterfly. A young man with his shirt unbuttoned to his waist, pouting at the camera. Lots of chest stubble. Alone, each image is rather boring. Put them together, and what you have is a hotter-than-Johnny Depp new Rolling Stone cover of American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. The 27-year-old dude who made guyliner fashionable again gave an interview to the magazine confirming—big surprise—that he's gay. What's really surprising: I can't stop thinking about him. And neither can any of my cougar-aged friends. We love Adam, truly, madly, deeply, in a kind of weirdly Mrs. Robinson sexual way. And the reason doesn't just have to do with our past lives as professional groupies. It also has something to do with biology.

Just a few short months ago, most of my female friends and I were clueless about Adam Lambert. We're busy, professional women, some of us with demanding families and children, all of us with demanding jobs. We never spent our Tuesday nights in front of the TV. Yet this year, for slightly more than two months, phone calls went unanswered and any type of social or familial interactions were put on hold on so we could plop ourselves in front of our sets at 8 p.m. to watch American Idol, the No. 1 rated show on TV, which none of us had ever bothered with before. It started innocently enough: A friend, waylaid by a flu bug, was channel-surfing from the comfort of her couch one Tuesday evening and saw a bejeweled young thing singing a scorching rendition of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." She left us phone messages and tweets, saying, and I quote, "ohmygawdyouhavetoseethisemoglambowielovechildonAmericanIdol." We went, "Huh," but we tuned in the following week. And then we were gone.

My seemingly well-adjusted posse, myself included, morphed into archetypal Adam Lambert fangirls. We became Glamberts, besotted with the leather and rhinestones, the perfectly smudgy guyliner, the emo coal-colored coif and, oh, yeah, the preternatural vocal range. When we got together, we no longer talked about good books, North Korea or the recession. We talked about all things Lambert. We became the thing that we normally despise: a cougar court that fell into a gentle loin lust with a man young enough to be our son. And a gay one, to boot.

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    He's hot, he's cool, he's safe, he's dangerous, he's sweet, he's nasty, he's unfiltered, he's compassionate, he's masculine, he's feminine but most of all he has the ability to draw you in and make you...FEEL! He has by his own nature, the ability to joyously dance on the razor edge of both worlds. He makes me smile on a daily basis, either thru his actions, his smile, his laugh, a comment, a picture or his astral vocals. And to see him perform live is an experience not to be forgotten any time soon! He's made of the stuff that allows your imagination to run wild with complete joy like a naked kid thru a field of wildflowers..dramatic? yes! But isn't it wonderful!

  2. Aleska2 I could not have said it any better. I am a oh so in love Glambert Grandma and I am ashamed but oh so lucky to see this beautiful young man perform. You just have these wild, wonderful feelings and you are entertained in a way that surpasses Elvis. This man is going places and I am glad to be in his regement of Cougars.