Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adam Lambert New Song "Time For Miracles"

The title of the new Adam Lambert song from the 2012 soundtrack has been uncovered on a new version of the 2012 movie poster. The track will be called "Time For Miracles" and should mark the official post-American Idol recording debut of Adam Lambert.

The Rolland Emmerich disaster flick is scheduled to be released on November 13. Traditionally, the movie industry releases the main song prior to the release of the film to help add excitement and momentum to a movie's release. 2012 should be no different, so fans should be able to expect Time For Miracles to be released sometime in mid-to-late October, although no official information is available at this point.

When discussing Time For Miracles at a recent Twitter party, Lambert said the song is a classic rock ballad styled track that will be very catchy. We're betting that the song will sound like a cross between I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith (from Armageddon) and Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen (from Highlander). Lambert did not say if the 2012 song will be included on his debut CD, which is also scheduled for release in November (Nov. 24 to be exact).

From a music business perspective, if Time For Miracles does get released in advance to promote the movie, it should also be on the Adam Lambert debut, because they won't want to have two Adam Lambert songs on the radio at the same time. It would only confuse average CD buyers who want to buy the CD because they heard the song on the air.

Typically, when a new CD is released, a track will be sent to radio up to a month in advance to build up hype for the album's release. The movie business does the same thing, so with a movie song and a new album coming out in November, fans can be pretty much guaranteed that either Time For Miracles will be the first single, or a totally different track will be released. Whatever the case may be, expect something to be released in October.

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