Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paula Abdul Breaks her Silence since leaving American Idol

Paula Abdul hasn't spoken a word since she shocked the world in early August by announcing her decision to quit American Idol after failing to reach a contract agreement with the show's producers. But on Sunday, Abdul turned up at the Hollywood Hills home of musical producer Craig Zadan to celebrate his successful Lifetime comedy series, Drop Dead Diva, in which Abdul guest stars as, of all things, a judge. Abdul finally broke her silence to TV Guide Magazine about her decision to leave Idol, her fun new role and what's next. A talk show perhaps?

TVG: You're looking amazing, Paula. And you seem so happy today. No regrets about leaving American Idol?
Paula Abdul: You know, to say 'no regrets' isn't easy. I feel like I have been such a big, huge part of the success of the show from day one. I loved being able to be the artist's artist; being there from my point of view of knowing what it feels like to be vulnerable and to be out there wanting to achieve the most magical moment in a minute and thirty seconds. To be able to do that was an amazing experience and the show was wonderful for me in that regard.

TVG: Obviously, Simon Cowell must be devastated.
Paula Abdul: You know, we stay in touch. And I've stayed close to the contestants and I support them.

TVG: Simon told us in a cover story we did with him last April that he would never want to do the show without you. That he'd fight for you.
Paula Abdul: (Looks down, softly) I know... I know... I had to stand on my principle. This is the first time I'm speaking to the press. You're the first person I'm speaking to. I'm going to miss them. And I'm going to miss the experience of watching young talent evolve into a place where they get to take off and soar.

TVG: Will you still tune in?
Paula Abdul: Of course I will. I'll watch it as much as I can. I had some really unforgettable moments that hit plateaus for me and I'm very blessed to have been a part of what made television history.

TVG: The contestants will no doubt miss having a Paula Abdul on the judges' panel rooting for them.
Paula Abdul: Well, it warms my heart that the kids are saying, 'I just feel bad that we don't get to experience Paula being there.'

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