Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Adam Lambert busy shooting the music video for "Time for Miracles"

Adam Lambert has been busy shooting the music video for "Time for Miracles," song in the upcoming movie 2012's soundtrack.

As usual, the American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has been staying busy. How could he not, considering his new album, already a smash hit in pre-orders on Amazon (Order NOW - Just Click the Banner to the Right), is scheduled to come out on November 24th? He recently tweeted about going to the studio to work with Linda Perry, one in the long and impressive list of music industry figures involved in his debut album, which also includes Max Martin, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder - who has also worked with Kelly Clarkson and BeyoncĂ© - and Lady Gaga's producer RedOne.

Furthermore, the album is not the only thing on Adam Lambert's plate. As is known, he has a song coming out in the soundtrack for the upcoming movie 2012, one about which Queen guitarist Brian May only had good things to say after getting a chance to hear it while hanging out with producer Rob Cavallo: "I have to say I was completely blown away ... it's truly sensational. In fact it's so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I'm not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists ... but Adam's voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star."

The song, titled "Time for Miracles," is now giving fans something to look at (not that listening to the American Idol runner up was not enough for them, but still). According to one of Adam Lambert's most recent posts on Twitter, there is a video on the way. On October 3rd, he tweeted, "Shooting Time For Miracles Music Video!!!! Long day, but we are getting amazing footage!"

Again, Adam Lambert is certainly more than busy lately. But he is living the dream he always worked for, after all, so it might be safe to say he would not want to be doing anything else.
- From The Examiner

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