Friday, October 23, 2009

American Idol: Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" releasing one day earlier

Adam Lambert fans around the world now have a new reason to rejoice: they will be receiving their beloved "American Idol" runner-up's debut album one day earlier than expected. The upcoming album, which will reportedly be entitled "For Your Entertainment," will now release on November 23. Why the move? It's likely that the studio bigwigs decided it would be a safer bet to not release on the exact same day as Susan Boyle (even if both of them seem to have fairly large fan bases).

There is still not a lot known about the upcoming album, outside of the fact that it will have a "futuristic" sound and feature elements of glam rock, techno, and a few other genres. Lambert's album will be the second one released by this past season's crop of "American Idol" alumni; Kris Allen will release his debut album on November 17 while Allison Iraheta's collection drops on December 1. All three currently have some music floating around on the internet, with Lambert's "Time For Miracles" leaking online on Monday.
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