Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Could Adam Lambert have a TV future?

Adam Lambert already has a TV background with "American Idol;" now, it looks like the genre-bending singer is looking to make a foray into acting. According to Showbiz Spy, Adam is looking to take on some acting roles in the future: “I hope acting’s in my future, yeah...It is something that I’ve done a lot over the past eight or 10 years."

Of course, this statement immediately begs the question: where could Lambert land? While he says that he would like to do a movie, we know that at least one TV show is interested in his services: "Glee." The Fox musical / comedy would be a perfect fit for his talents, but would Adam really want to return to the network that made him famous so quickly?

If Adam merely wanted to put his foot in the door, a guest spot on a show like "NCIS" or "CSI" (similar to what Taylor Swift did) could work very well. Many sitcoms would probably try to exploit the singer, so an offbeat show or a drama may very well be the best choice.

Are there any TV shows in which you would like to see Adam appear? Let me know your thoughts with a comment and stay tuned for more news. Adam Lambert's debut album, "For Your Entertainment," will hit stores on November 23. Pre-order it by clicking here Now!

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  1. If he does something on TV, please don't let it be any of those stupid 30-minute comedy shows. They are worthless and a total waste of time. Adam can act and he needs a serious role, like maybe a Law & Order Show, or CSI venue - something w/teeth. The camera loves him, and he will make you proud.