Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adam Lambert and Ellen DeGeneres talk on the Ellen Show

American Idol Adam Lambert and Ellen DeGeneres talk on the Ellen Show on December 1st, 2009. Stay tuned or the "Whataya Want from Me" performance!

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  1. I saw Adam on Ellen yesterday! He was brilliant on there!

  2. Adam was brilliant yesterday on Ellen! I had been waiting for that for like two weeks!

  3. so what what he did at the amas come on people .. i mean really , you cant tell me that you didnt know frim the start that he was very risque .... that he was a performer like the great freddy mercury , madonaa , lady gaga .. i mean i love you adam no matter what you did . it was you , true to you , and dont let anyone pull you dopwn bcauise your bieng you . i am forever your fan , i think you are wonderful and multitalented and people need to loosen up .. love you adam trina from canada ... pleaseeeeeeeeee come to canada

  4. Adam,you were wonderful as usual.. i just can not stop watching your video's and i just LOVE your cd,i listen to it all the time.you are amazing!!!