Friday, January 8, 2010

Adam Lambert: "Glee" Rumor not True. "Oprah" rumor DEFINITELY TRUE

Adam Lambert won't be making a cameo in hit musical comedy drama Glee.

Although the American Idol singer was tipped for a special appearance, he has confirmed he won't be appearing on our screens anytime soon.

Writing on Twitter, Lambert said: "Glee guest star rumor: it's a rumor. Sorry guys."

Adam did however, reveal other shows he'd love to feature in. He wrote: "If I had to pick a show to guest star on I'd loooooooove to be on True Blood. Or Weeds.

"Those shows are amazing. Prob need some major acting classes though first. The casts of both those shows are first rate."

Lambert continued: "I'd love to be on Gossip Girl too! Leighton is amazing. I should be Blair's shopping buddy!"

Though "The Oprah Winfrey Show" does not comment on upcoming bookings, Lambert spilled the beans on his Twitter on Thursday, in which he said, "Oprah: def true."

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