Monday, March 29, 2010

Adam Lambert interviewed on "The Hour" on Scottish TV.

American Idol Season 8's 2nd place finisher, Adam Lambert visits Scottish TV's "The Hour" during a whirl-wind jaunt through Great Britain which included visits to some of London's hottest clubs and Boy George's Single Launch Party for "Amazing Grace".

While joking around about the producer worrying about camera "shots up the kilt", Adam crosses his legs and admits he's "not a true Scotsman", as he's unfortunately wearing pants the disappointment of fans everywhere!

Of coming i9n second on American Idol, Adam "feels that getting to the finals is winning in itself. I felt like the reason I auditioned for the show in the first place was to get opportunities for my future. And, I got signed to a record label. That's what I wanted out of the experience, not a title, but a future."

Ever-humble Adam has no hard feelings about Kris Allen winning American Idol. Adam says he thinks the contest "was a toss-up," and that Kris "earned it. He did a great job. He's a really talented guy and a good person. For me, I just wanted my record deal."

Adam has been interested in music all his life. He started musical theater at the age of ten and has some great credits to his name. He even starred in the Scottish "Brigadoon".

Like a typical American, Adam was "so fascinated by how historical the buildings are" in Edinburgh, and how there are building older the the US.

Adam's new single, "For Your Entertainment", from the album of the same name, was released on the 26th. "For Your Entertainment" is a "who's who of the music business. Everybody's contributed tracks to it. You've got Pink, Muse, Lady Gaga, Justin Hawkins from The Darkness." Adam says that some of these artists "were people I expressed interest in working with", while others who came through were "sorta voluntary." He was really "honored and flattered" that such great artists would offer tracks to him. "Working with Gaga was a dream. She co-produced it and she was egging me on." He felt a bit intimidated in meeting her, knowing his make-up and nails would have to be fabulous. But, Gaga won the contest when it came to 'fabulousness."

Adam co-wrote five of the tracks on "For Your Entertainment." "It was important for me to show that I could write as well. It allowed me to inject some of my personal experiences into those songs. And really sing and write from a place that really meant something to me."

Adam would love to make it big in Britain. All of his greatest influences are British. His favorite singers - Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, Robert Plant - "these are the people I've always been drawn to, so that it kinda makes sense to me to try to make it over here. And I have a feeling that a lot of the sensibilities on the album, both visually and sonically, are ways that will appeal here. I think the people will understand it, possibly even more." He goes on to compare himself to the 'glam thing' that the Brits appreciate in such artists as Boy George and Adam Ant.

Adam goes on to show what a great sport he is by trying the Scottish specialty, Marmite - "a beef extract jam thing." The host predicts that sales of Marmite are going to go through the roof since Adam Lambert likes it!

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