Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adam Lambert Says 'If I Had You' Clip 'Gets Kind of Psychedelic'

Adam Lambert

'I was inspired by the parties that I've gone to in the past, like Burning Man,' Lambert tells MTV News of the video.

Adam Lambert has already dropped some hints about the over-the-top video for his latest single, "If I Had You." And when MTV News caught up with the singer backstage at KIIS-FM's annual Wango Tango festival in Los Angeles, the former "American Idol" contestant admitted that all he needed to shoot the clip were some old pals.

"The thing about the video [is] there is a love interest: It's all my friends," he explained. "It's about the love that you have with your circle of people that you surround yourself with.

"The 'If I Had You' video we shot in the woods at night," he continued. "I was inspired by the parties that I've gone to in the past, like Burning Man and this other party called Lightning in a Bottle. There's a big kind of subculture in California and around the country of people who are designers and performance artists, just free spirits that like to come together and play dress-up and have a good time. And it's a very specific community, one that's inspired me a lot."

Instead of casting people to look like they could be part of this subculture, Lambert got his real friends onboard. "I invited my friends to come party in my video, so there's a real authentic joy," he explained. "And it gets kind of psychedelic. There's just gonna be a lot of special effects ... Some are from [Los Angeles variety extravaganza] "The Zodiac Show," some are from parties [and] clubs. ... Some of them I've done theater with. It's a big variety of people."

And, as teased in a photo released last week, there are going to be some great costumes from the fashionista himself. "You know me and costumes, I tried to do as many looks as I could," he said, adding that he was a little shocked there were paparazzi hanging around near the set. "It's funny 'cause I wanted to keep that whole thing a secret. I think there were paparazzi camped out on the hillside."

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