Monday, August 30, 2010

Adam Lambert Releases "If I Had You" Video (as a tribute to BURNING MAN) + Bonus "Making of..." Video

Watch Adam Lambert's "If I Had You" Music Video
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He may have come in second on Season 8 of American Idol, but Adam Lambert reigns supreme in the world of glam rock.

In a recent VH1 Posted blog, Adam dished about the making of his new "If I Had You" video. Adam says he chose director Bryan Barber's treatment because it "fit so perfectly with [his] intentions." Adam wanted to re-create a gathering similar to that of the Burning Man Festival. Lambert accredits this festival as "a major artistic turning point" in his life as it helped him to discover a "fascinating counter-culture of underground designers, performance artists, and various bohemians".

The video's unique concept comes to fruition with the inclusion of many of Lambert's real life friends in the video (including "Idol" alum Allison Iraheta!) And, adding to the authenticity, instead of using a stylist, everyone was asked to dress themselves, with the only direction being to be dressed for a "psychedelic tribal party in the forest".

The video, which was shot overnight near Griffith Park in Los Angeles, features Adam dressed in amazing pieces from Galliano, The Blondes, and Skingraft. But for Adam it's about more than the clothes -- "The main theme I wanted to get across is that no matter your race, sexuality, age, or religion, we can all come together in the spirit of peace and love and have fun!"

So spread love, have fun, and enjoy Adam's latest video below!

BONUS: Behind the scenes at the making of the video!

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